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Maybe you own or owned some of the Dr Rocket reloadable motor system hardware. Maybe you are interested in acquiring some of it. Well there is some still out there for sale. The bright red casings are HOT!!! Check out the variety of rocket hardware motors that range from 29mm to 98mm casings and closures.
dr rocket hardware in the stars
Reloadable Rocket Casings

Casing sizes that are for sale include:
29mm - 60ns / 100ns / 120ns / 180ns / 240ns /360ns
38mm - 120ns/240ns / 360ns / 480ns/ 600ns / 720ns /1080ns
54mm - 852ns / 1280ns / 1706ns / 2560ns
75mm - 2560ns / 3840ns / 5120ns / 7560ns
98mm - 2560ns / 5120ns / 7680ns / 10240ns / 15360ns
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